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Door opener to attract new business / Ouvreuse de portes professionnelles

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CONSULTANT Door opener to attract new business / Ouvreuse de portes professionnelles
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I can help if you are passionate about creating or founding a project but worry that you lack the skills to achieve your ambition and so fear this may lead you to abandon the project.

I can create, and manage for you, an approach which will secure long-lasting and profitable links with prescribers, influencers, partners, and clients so as to enable you to promote your project and increase your business.

❐ You don't know how to reach the important and influential people in your business.

❐ You don't like to sell yourself, or you don't know how to do it and yet you dream of making a place for yourself in your sector.

❐ You want to support yourself financially from your project that is close to your heart but you are stuck because you don't know how to find partners for its financing.

❐ You have talent, you are told but you remain invisible in the eyes of your market.

❐ Your turnover is not taking off and this is jeopardizing the future of your business and frustrating your ambitions.
❐ You want to have better quality contacts who can lead you to more strategic prospects or partners of excellence, so increasing your credibility with customers.

❐ You dream of meeting the right people who will change your life.

❐ You want to generate interest from the key influencers and leaders in your market but find that they are unaware of your project.
❐ You feel that you are not the best person to sell yourself, to talk about your project, your talent, or your ambitions.
❐ You want to be fully abreast of your market so gain the serenity and calmness from being ahead of the curve.

▶ MAKE AN APPOINTMENT FOR A 45-minute PHONE CALL that will allow me to diagnose your needs and propose a strategy to open the doors that will boost your business ;

Expériences professionnelles

Door opener to attract new business / ouvreuse de portes professionnelles

Entreprendre et Développer , Caen

De Juin 2014 à Aujourd'hui

▶ in ZAMBIA:
✶ Introduction of the Zambian ambassador to Great Britain to the head of a Ghanaian-Dutch company (SRS) looking for new business opportunities in Africa:
➢ Putting future partners in touch with each other.
➢ Consolidation of links to ensure the implementation of their business collaboration.
➢ Creation on site of the new Zambian structure.

▶ in FRANCE:
✶ Consultant to the founder of a company launching a brand of furniture and decorative objects (by/laurence du tilly):
➢ Sourcing of 5 resellers (Nantes, Caen, Bordeaux, Lille, Marseille).
➢ Negotiation of commercial and business partnerships.
➢ Introduction of the Founder and her brand to influential market players.
➢ Establishment of contacts to the market leaders.
➢ Sourcing of reliable suppliers.

✶ Consultant to the Founder of a medical equipment franchise:
➢ Co-opening of a Bastide La Confort Médical store in Lille.
➢ Prospecting customers (medical doctors, retirement homes, clinics, health professionals).
➢ Introduction of the franchise to professionals in the field.

✶ Consultant to a team of 3 founders who came together to establish and launch a company to market for luxury top-of-the-range corporate gifts:
➢ Performing a market survey.
➢ Canvassing luxury hotels, national business clubs, casinos, private banks.

✶ Engaged to find investors for a start-up platform ( offering low-cost access to cultural events in Lille, North of France.

▶ in GHANA:
✶ Consultant to CFAO, exclusive distributor of world-renowned brands of cars and elevators:
➢ Facilitation of meetings of 45 employees from different departments and hierarchy levels.
➢ Facilitation of exchanges for the construction of the new customer care policy.

✶ Sourcing of a reliable reseller of a new French product:
➢ Implementation of a business partnership.
➢ Follow-up of the France-Africa collaboration

✶ Creation and delivering of training seminars at Sup de Co Dakar Business School:
➢ Relational Intelligence

Associate director

Hysen Ghana Limited , Accra

De Janvier 2018 à Février 2019

Having gone alone to Ghana to find a new professional opportunity on the spot, I took on the responsibility of:
➢ Overseeing the implementation of the strategy of the London head office within its Ghanaian subsidiary.
➢ Management of the 20 Ghanaian employees: team management, implementation of new work organisation methods.
➢ Identification in the field and analysis of problems encountered and proposal of possible solutions.
➢ Public relations with major clients (banks) and business groups (CCI France-Ghana, Germany-Ghana).
➢ Opening the doors of prospective clients for my CEO: Managing Director of Societe Generale Ghana, Managing Director of Total Ghana, Managing Director of CEIBS.
➢ Maintaining healthy and beneficial relationships with suppliers.

Professional development student coaching , in france and africa

EM Normandy Business School France / Sup de Co Dakar Group Senegal / University of Ghana / IPAG Business School Paris-Nice / National Polytechnic Institute F. Houphouët-Boigny Ivory Coast , Dakar

De Novembre 2016 à Aujourd'hui

▶ EM Normandy Business School France ▶ Sup de Co Dakar Group Senegal ▶ University of Ghana ▶ IPAG Business School Paris-Nice ▶ National Polytechnic Institute F. Houphouët-Boigny Ivory Coast

I help students to be the self Entrepreneurs of their career path:
✶ Bringing out their potential
✶ Define their professional project
✶ Dare their "personal brand"
✶ Relational intelligence

Founder - managing director


De Mars 2013 à Septembre 2017

Creation of an innovative seminar concept for company managers and employees.
➢ Research and direct approach to unusual people (artisanal fisherman and farmer, artist, marine carpenter...) who do not live in the "urban" world of business and I have built a partnership with them to co-animate original and original seminars.
➢ I have taken executive committees, (Orange, Vilogia, Banque de France, SFAM), inter-company management groups, management clubs and employee teams (IRD Group, Crédit du Nord, EY, Pictime) to live unique experiences that reconnect them to the fundamental values so that they can build their professional relationships on the basis of simplicity, authenticity and solidarity.

Facilitator - project manager

Club Gagnants , Lille

De Mai 2006 à Juillet 2011

➢ General management of the club: memberships, links between members (CEOs, Managing Directors) promotion of the club.
➢ Organization of monthly meetings around themes as economic, cultural, sociological etc...
➢ Management of the commissions working on the regional attractiveness:
- prospection of voluntary members
- facilitation of meetings, facilitation of exchanges between actors
- monitoring of achievements.

Training manager

Association Familiale Mulliez , Roubaix

De Juin 1997 à Juillet 1999

➢ Organisation of the training sessions for the members of the family office: activities of this international group (Auchan, Decathlon, …), economy, strategy, trade ...
➢ Conception and implementation of the training material.

promotion manager

Fondation Apprentis d'Auteuil , Paris

De Janvier 1994 à Mai 1997

I have taken responsibility for regional events promoting the foundation throughout France: :
➢ Finding and choice of locations, congress rooms hiring, negotiations.
➢ Definition and research of invitation targets.
➢ Logistical organization of the events.
➢ Public relations on the territories: promotion to local prescribers, regional press relations.
➢ Leading a team of 6 people.

Marketing consultant

Alcatel Lucent Enterprise , Colombes

De Mars 1991 à Septembre 1992

Studying the French business communication systems market with the aim of a new pricing policy.


Alcatel Lucent Enterprise , Colombes

De Décembre 1989 à Février 1991

Training the sales forces of the French network of resellers-installers of B to B telephony: sales arguments, study of the competition.


Women In Africa Initiative poste de l’organisation


Force Femmes

Entrepreneuship coaching / Accompagnatrice entreprenariat

Parcours officiels

Paris – Programme Grande École – 1988


Français - Langue maternelle

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